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Сокол. Умный двор
New future with smart intercom Sokol

Sokol. Smart yard 
is a smart intercom ecosystem

Build an ecosystem with smart intercom, mobile app and universal key. Maintain and expand your customer base by pushing back weaker competitors.
With our solution it's easy!

What is included in Sokol. Smart Yard

Ready-made mobile application with the possibility of branding. Application is the key to your services. Users get access to the ecosystem through their smartphone, and you get a new source of income

Mobile app

Control system for smart intercoms, gates, entrances and application for users. The platform makes it possible to control all intercoms and set up the functionality of the mobile application

Multiservice platform

Outdoor intercom panel with camera for video calls to smartphones. The panel is protected from dust, moisture and temperature differences and has a rugged anti-vandal body

Smart Intercom Sokol

Independent operation of analog and digital parts
Open API and a web interface for network management
Any type of installation is possible: flush and overhead
Sell additional services in a mobile app
Reduce customer churn and collect leads at the click of a button
Install a smart intercom and get new customers
from -50 up to +45°С
Motion detection
Voice alerts
Diode display
Intercom management
IP-cameras innegration
Barrier opening
Access management
Sending notifications
Service blocking
App content

Technology and excellent service for every customer

You can deploy a standalone intercom platform on your servers or on the cloud with integration of any video services

Easy-to-launch solution

Release of branded intercom panels, keys and a separate mobile application for Android and iOS with support, further updates and the launch of new functions


Your ecosystem is managed by a single platform. Intercoms, video surveillance, access to the entrance, barriers and gates are under your control


Compatible with analog and IP intercoms, as well as with almost any type of intercom handset


Accompanying during installation and pilot launch, commercial and legal assistance, operational advice and technical support with the possibility of providing a dedicated contact center service for your customers

and consulting

Start getting new clients now

Software cooperation options

Sokol. Open

Smart Intercom Sokol with open API

No platfom

No mobile app

Sokol. Cloud

Smart Intercom Sokol integrated into platform

Intercom control platform on Intersvyaz cloud server

Mobile app Sokol. Smart Yard

The video archive is stored on the customer’s server

Sokol. Cloud
+ archive

Smart Intercom Sokol integrated into platform

Intercom control platform on Intersvyaz cloud server

Mobile app Sokol. Smart Yard

The video archive is stored on the Intersvyaz server for 3 days


Smart Intercom Sokol integrated into platform

Stand-alone intercom control platform. Providing installiation support and customization in the customer’s circuit

Mobile app under customer’s brand

Benefits for everyone

  • Quick start and launch support
  • Expanding subscriber base and getting additional profit from digital services
  • Protection of the subscriber base from competitors
  • Increasing your brand awareness

Support and consulting

We decided to abandon the banal model "there are problems — call technical support". For productive communication with you, we created a customer care group. Our guys are working to ensure that you stay satisfied with the service, quickly learn about the new functions of the intercom, platform and mobile application, avoid technical difficulties and receive profit. Care team engineers not only help, but participate in the development of your business.

Our mission  is to learn your staff working with the platform, find ways to improve efficiency, and anticipate questions and difficulties that you may encounter. And in the future, you will cope with any difficulties on your own.

Care team engineers will help you test, connect and configure the equipment, train your specialists to work with platform interface and provide useful advice.

Any questions?
We'll call and answer